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Earn $500 weekly as you work as a customer service agent

6406 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

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Earn $500 weekly as you work as a customer service agent / Mystery Shopper

6406 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

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About Us

...1. Discuss  We have a unique relationship with each of our clients, but each was set in motion in a simple way — with a conversation. With our expertise and experience working across industries, we come to the table with a core understanding of the challenges our clients are asked to tackle.    

2. Assess  Once we understand your aspirations, we begin an intensive fact-gathering and analysis process aimed at fully framing the factors that connect to your challenges and objectives. The scope of this stage varies depending on the complexity of the challenge and the internal information you provide, but it often incorporates the following components:    

Company Assessment: Understanding your brand promise, strategic objectives and any relevant current or past initiatives; analysis of any available training materials and customer satisfaction data  Market / Competitor Assessment: Identifying customer and market trends, your competitive landscape and competitive initiatives  Customers Assessment: Mapping the customer experience and identifying key attributes and behaviors that drive customer satisfaction, delight and loyalty


Customer Focused    

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE  Gain detailed visibility of your competitors’ performance and products/services so you can quickly address your shortcomings, capitalize on your strengths and stand out.    

COMPLIANCE AUDITS  Enforce essential foundational elements such as correct product placement and accurate pricing.    

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) CONSULTING  Lean on our experience and insight. We can help you determine how to improve your customers’ experiences and/or drive your internal initiatives.    

CUSTOMER INTERCEPT INTERVIEWS  Find out why customers leave empty handed, and what you can do about it. You’ll better understand their what wants and needs you’re not fulfilling so you can act.    

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RESEARCH  Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Find out what they’re saying about your company, listen to what they want and deliver to gain positive word of mouth.    

MYSTERY SHOPPING SERVICES  Find out what it’s really like to do business with you. Gather the insights you need to delight customers and every location and customer touchpoint.    

USER EXPERIENCE (UX) MAPPING  Map out customers’ journeys with your product, service or brand at every touchpoint. Gather valuable feedback you can use to improve your customers’ experiences.    WEB & 

MOBILE SURVEY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES  Ensure the success of your market research programs with surveys that capture the right information you seek from target audiences, in the right places, at the right times.

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6406 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA